New year!

Contrary to general opinion, 2016 was a great year. Work-wise, it was my best year since I went out on my own six years prior. I read more books than prior years. I started to meditate. Megan and I drove to the Grand Canyon and back. All that to say (and more), I can't help but have a positive outlook going into 2017.



With the current state of our country and the CreativeMornings global theme of Mystery, our team felt like we needed to find a speaker who could challenge and encourage our audience to keep the course and stay strong. We selected the Imam of the Clifton Mosque, Ismaeel Chartier. Ismaeel is a wonderful man who is full of passion toward justice and equality, not just for his people, but for all people. I've been lucky to get to have coffee with him and his wife a few time leading up to his presentation. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Ismaeel and I think you will too.


2 Years of Marriage

May marks the two year mark of Meg's and my marriage. Last year we celebrated in Asheville, North Carolina, one of our favorite places on earth. Where will we go this year?



It's that time again. The weather is cooler, the leaves are begin to change, and the sweet sweet smell of camp fire fills the air.




Lessons & Notes from the Road



Meg's brother, my brother-in-law, is getting married in Houston, so we'll be back in Texas for a few days to celebrate.



Still not a big fan.


One year, one client

March marks one year as a freelance designer for Joyent, a cloud storage provider based in San Fransisco. I'm grateful for work with Joyent.  I've grown a lot as a designer and that's in no small part due to my collaborations with Chris Glass, who shared the work with me while on his People's Liberty fellowship.


Do Lectures

Megan and are going to Wales for The Do Lectures. You should come too!

3 Years in Cincy

July marks 3 years living in the Queen City. Frankly, a city I never expected to live in, but that has proved to be a wonderful place to call home.



Try to embrace it this year. Time to buy some boots and gloves.


Tax Day

A reminder to me and everyone else to have our taxes prepared by April 18th. Everyone's gotta do it and no one actually enjoys it. As a wise man once said, "Give to Caesar, what is Caesar's."


Adjunct Teaching

I am teaching a course on user centered design at the University of Cincinnati (DAAP) starting in August and ending in December. I look forward to teaching again. In particular, I'm interested in exploring the differences between empathy and compassion as it relates to the user centered design process. Empathy has become quite the buzz word, but I'm learning compassion is a more powerful and appropriate ambition.


Birthday Month!

Somewhere between Christmas and New Year's is my birthday.

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