I sought I news resource that investigated and scrutinized all sides of a situation. While Intercepted leans left, it's not afraid to challenge the views that me and most of my friends hold sacred. I've recently started to give myself one hour on the news a week. I spend that hour with Intercepted.

I particularly loved this quote from episode 2 by Mike German:

"So we have this strange situation where terrorists are trying to use fear as a weapon, and rather than mitigating that fear, our government is amplifying it and increasing it even beyond all reason."

Want to get nerdy about design? Look no further. Michael Beirut and Jessica Helfand's podcast, The Observatory, has become my weekly fix for design thinking and inspiration.





Beautifully designed and well articulated, Jessica Helfand reminds us that even designers are humans and that we do our best work when we remember that. Go figure.


My friend Justin after visiting Grand Canyon this book after my visit to Grand Canyon Natonal Park. It's about Colin Fletcher's walk from one end of Grand Canyon National Park to the other, under the rim, within the gorge. It's a delightful book and I would highly recommend reading it before a visit to Grand Canyon National Park.

The big idea is pretty simple. There is no good or bad situation. Every situation is an opportunity to grow and learn something new. Stop complaining and start changing your perspective.



"There’s no question that the subjects in “Abstract” are visionaries. But there are moments when the show’s focus on spectacular, dazzling achievements—Ingels’s iconoclastic buildings, Devlin’s amazing work for Kanye West and the Olympics—makes design feel like an Olympian feat, rather than something that touches the everyday." - Rob Walker



I'm intrigued by a current conversation around the negative effects of empathy. This paper suggests compassion as a healthy alternative to empathy.

I was journaling about goals in Evernote and this article popped up in the “Context” feature as something I would like to read. Evernote recognized that I was journaling about an interest in yoga teacher training and suggested this article because one of the writers wanted to do teacher training too, but kept putting it off. The article’s great and totally relevant to what I was writing. Well done, Evernote algorithm.



Gael Garcia Bernal plays an unorthodox maestro of the New York Symphony and continually reminds us all to play (or do whatever we do) with the blood.

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