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2016 Notables



Breakfast Club
Facilitated the first Indie/Freelance Breakfast Club with Creative Mornings Cincinnati. It's basically a 12 step group for independent designers.


Chance method posters

Meg and I made a bunch of posters using chance methods and posted them around our neighborhood for fun.



Kunst 2
After four months in the making and a wonderful collaboration of multiple talents, Kunst 2 was released!


New clients
Took on a couple new clients thanks to  referrals from a friend. New waters, for sure.


Hike + Hydrate

Meg and I hosted our first Hike + Hydrate of the year. We had a lot of fun, but not as much as the dogs!


Green Thumb
Meg and I planted the seeds of our first garden as a married couple. Cute.



Broom Ball!

Not much else you can do during the cold and dark days of winter but chase a ball around an ice rink in downtown Cincinnati. Seriously, you should try it.



Mini Micro Cinema at The Carnegie

The Mini had it's second incarnation at The Carnegie in Covington, KY. I designed the original identity back in 2015 and signage and collateral for the event at The Carnegie.


Election Day

I participated in democracy and voted.


Jose Caballer Workshop

I was fortunate to attend a workshop on how to better facilitate brand identity  workshops. I'd highly recommend a workshop by Jose, if you haven't already attended one.



Over the last several months I've been collaborating with Chris Glass on the new site design of Joyent.com and it just launched.


Sign of Good

Last year I ran a workshop called "Signs of Good" where UTK design students designed signs that helped solve problems they perceived on campus. In preparation I prototyped my own sign of good in Covington, KY near my co working space.  After about a year of deliberating, Meg and I finally installed  a real screen printed aluminum sign. Thanks to Manfred for help with screen printing.



Social Enterprise Accelerator
Excited to mentor a team in a local social enterprise accelerator that the folks at Design Impact, United Way and Flywheel are behind. More news soon.


Logos, Logos, Logos...

Working simultaneously on logos for a furniture company, a data analytics company, and a social enterprise. The differences are clear, and require both sides of the brain. Definitely feeling challenged to leave my design comfort zone(s). Can't wait to share the processes when I can!


3 years

I told my wife/partner, Megan, I liked her 3 years ago in August after a friend's wedding. It's fun to remember where we were and look forward to where we are going.



New site
Created this personal/profession site with Adobe Muse.


We made it one year
Meg spent a recent weekend in and around Asheville, NC to celebrate one year together.  Here's some photos of the trip. We stayed at a sweet airbnb in West Asheville. The house included a record player with Adelle's 25 album on the turntable. Needless to say it became the soundtrack to our weekend and we bought our own copy to remember the occasion.


Design is Trash
Meg and I used Small Victories, and amazingly simple website tool, to create a curated collection of scanned trash the we find as we walk around our city.



Fourth of July Parade

Meg and I enjoyed our second-ever Northside Parade with close friends from our front porch. Sadly I didn't take any photos to share.


Meg's went to the UK, I'm went south
Meg attended an amazing little conference called The Do Lectures. You can read more about her trip here. In the meantime, I headed south to visit some friends in Tennessee and Georgia.


Ten Paradoxes of Good Design

Shared a "PechaKucha" formatted presentation at Platform 53 on what I believe to be the ten paradoxes of good design. More on this soon.



Not much for Halloween
Some of you may think it's tragic, but I just can't seem to get on the Halloween bandwagon. As I kid, I loved it. Not sure why and when I lost interest.



Birthday Month
One more year into my early thirties!


Winter Retreat

Meg and I take two weeks off for Christmas/New Years and spend at least one week away from our screens, in front of a fire, reflecting on the year past and dreaming about the year ahead. Traditionally we've enjoyed the isolation and frigidness of Northern Michigan for these retreats. This year we're taking the retreat on the road. We're headed west. The Grand Canyon as our target destination with a bunch of other notable stops along the way.

It's Currently September



Went camping with Meg and some friends in West Virginia. Was the first camping trip of the year and I've already got the itch to go back. Nothing like cooking 2-3 meals a day over an open fire in the middle of the woods.


Andrew Bird at The Madison
If there were a soundtrack to my time in Chattanooga, Andrew Bird would certainly contribute several tracks. Now, I finally get to see him in person at the Madison across the river in Kentucky.


Meg's Birthday

Meg turns 30 this month! We'll welcome her into a new decade with a trip to Yellow Springs and a little surprise I have up my sleeve. Wish I could share, but then it wouldn't be a surprise.




The number one holiday because it's about giving thanks, not giving gifts.


A few of my favorite things*



A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead
Became a big fan of these guys in design school and continue to be inspired by their work.


Head Full of Dreams, Coldplay
Coldplay helped me through some hard times in college. Unfortunately, I grew to cool for them in my twenties. Now, in my thirties, their back on my playlist. This album in particular is helpful to work to because of its upbeat nature.



Herb Lubalin
Lubalin was the pioneer of American Typographic Expressionism. The following quote from A History of Graphic Design sums up nicely why he's been inspiring me:  "Discontented w/the rigid limitations of metal type in the 1950s, Lublin would cut apart his type proofs w/a razor blade & reassemble them."


Chris Glass
Been doing a little work with Chris and learning a ton. Among other things, the ability to let go.


Ladislav Sutnar

He's always been a favorite of mine, but I've been looking to Sutnar even more recently for inspiration from his design of information.



99% Invisible
A design podcast for everyone, even non-designers.


The New Yorker Radio Hour
I could never get through its articles, but I've always liked the idea of The New Yorker. The podcast was made for me.


Modern Love
Stories about love read by famous people, like Jason Alexander.



Putting Work in it's Place, by Kate  Kiefer Lee
Enjoyed the idea of following  needs instead of following dreams.


How Kanye West Taught Me To Stop Worrying And Love Imperfection, by Michael Rock
Tough one for me, but a great reminder.


What You Can Learn About Making Better Decisions From One of Baseball’s Greatest Hitters, on Farnam Street.
It's all about knowing which pitches to swing at.



Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

Folks in AA have said that "the Ego is the feeling of conscious separation from."  It's that little voice inside that says "I'm less than" or "I'm more than" or both simultaneously (as often in my case). Holiday, shares stories of individuals throughout history who have fought their ego and managed to contribute to the lives of others for generations to come.


With Open Hands by Henri Nouwen

Big fan of Nouwen. I consider him a spiritual director of sorts, even though we've never met and he's long deceased. With Open Hands is a series of short essays on prayer, something we all participate in, whether we're aware or not.



Australia, 2015
Visited in 2015 with Megan. She was asked to tell her story at a rural design conference. We went to Sydney, Melbourne and a little place called Mildura.


South Sudan, 2013
Tagged along with my friend Noel for a month in 2012 while he was conducting preliminary research for his PHD.


The West Bank/Israel, 2008
Spent a month living in Bethlehem and exploring it's surroundings with my friend Austin.

Food and Drink


PSA by Madtree
I love an IPA, but I can't handle the alcohol volume. The PSA is under 5% and still have a great flavor.


La Palma by Deeper Roots
This was my first true coffee. Where I first started to taste the flavors. It was also the first coffee I made with our home chemex setup.


Having recently read Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert, I've been inspired to indulge in one of Italy's greatest exports.



Veep season II
Recently started watching Veep after hearing Julia Louis-Dreyfus on The New Yorker Radio Hour. She plays an incompetent Vice President of the United States. Often painful to watch, but so funny.


Classic. What can I say?


The West Wing
Another classic. Why can't someone like President Bartlet run for office?

*Lists are always changing, but there are never more then 3 bullets per list.

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My name is D.J. Trischler and I'm a graphic designer.

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wife and adventure partner, Megan (formerly Deal) Trischler. When I'm not designing, I like to walk in the woods, attempt yoga, read memoirs, and eat gelato.